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Organic Yoga is an eco hotel where you can come to totally relax, do yoga in the mornings if desired or just stay in your screened terrace in the hammock and watch the birds fly by. 

Let yourself connect with nature.
'Relax' is the key word here... Then comes the turquoise beach!!

What's exciting!!

The Yoga Hall at Organic Yoga Mexico is a unique space in the middle of the jungle. It is great for meditation and of course for Yoga.

Imagine yourself doing yoga while hearing the wind blow on the trees and the birds sing joyfully their own melodies!!!

Organic Yoga ecohotel is great for families, couples and solo travelers.

Beginners are always welcome to attend the Yoga classes as we all have to start somewhere! 

It is  right in the middle of the Riviera Maya so beaches, cenotes and ruins are very near. We are 26 km from Tulum and 32 km from busy Playa del Carmen.

In Akumal itself there are several little restaurants, counting two of my favorite ones!

Our site is also ideal for small groups. We can welcome up to 14 people in the yoga classes and 25 people for meditation classes.

Bring your own group and we will cook for you vegan and vegetarian cuisine!!

this is the beautiful mot mot bird. It is usually the first one in the morning to start singing!!

Get to know us

Definitely one of the best reasons to visit Organic Yoga Mexico Yoga center is to reconnect with nature. Let your mind soothe in nature so you can feel like your true self again.

Meditate & do Yoga at our Yoga center is good for your health and your heart.

Let the surroundings of the hotel flow into your heart and relax.

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