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The Event

Now at Organic Yoga you can come for weekends retreats!!!

There will be Yoga & Meditation retreats  that can be either from friday to sunday or maybe from monday to wendsday or how ever it migth suit you best...we are very flexible with your dates!!!

The cost for a weekend retreat will be of $ 175 usd for 1 person...it includes all meals for 2 nigths and 3 days... accomodations and twice a day Meditation & Yoga...

All levels are welcome!!!

Or if you wish to go deeper in your practice and Meditation we are doing Meditation & Yoga retreats...this one is more focused into the Meditation so there will be more hours spend in siting in Meditation and just 1 practice a day for Yoga.

What we practice for Meditation is Mindfullness Meditation that is to bring the atention of the mind to a one point being the point the breath itself.

This retreat is a bit longer than the Yoga & Meditation retreat as for the mind to grasp the method of mindfullness couple of days more are necesary.

This Meditatation Retreat is of 4 nigths and 5 days and the cost is $ 320 usd for 1 person all meals and accomodation are included and the classes and the  practice.

You can bring your own safu for Meditation or if not there are plenty of pillows to sit on.



 For the Yoga & Meditation retreat the day starts at 7.30 am ....early Meditation and then a Yoga class for 1 hour & 15 min after the Yoga class breakfast will be served at the out doors dinning room ...healthy Breakfast (no milk products).

A very ligth lunch will be served at 2 pm as we will start with Yoga and Meditation  at 4 pm then we will be finished by 6.30 pm and that is when we will have dinner.

The schedule for the Meditation & Yoga retreat is a bit different..we start at 7 am and we sit for 1 hour then directly into a Yoga class.....breakfast would be at 9.15 am.

Then there will be a break till 1 pm where we sit again for 1 hour then lunch time....at 5 pm we restart again for another hour of Meditation to finish the day.....after that we have dinner and after dinner there is a space for questions and answers.

The Meditation & Yoga retreat is for those who are really on the path and are ready to take their practice to a deeper state

You can book your retreat any time of the year ask for availability.


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Come,come!! anytime you need to disconnect from your every day life routine and have a deep fresh breath at Organic Yoga Mexico... you tell us when and the rest we take care off!!!!!

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